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The Dr. Tom Guides

Guides to metadata, taxonomies and their implementation.

Dr. Tomís Guide to Reusable Content Objects: The Technical SCO
This document describes methods for producing learning or content objects in manageable, reusable forms. Although it refers to the SCORM Sharable Content Object (SCO), it has application in the IMS Content Package, particularly the associated content type resource in the Common Cartridge specification. This guide differentiates between the needs of development and deployment of experiences with two forms of a content package, standard and optimized. The method in this document was developed independently. SCORM SCOs are not inherently objects. This can make it difficult to manage them, reuse them and have a lively e-Learning SCO economy. The purpose of this document is to describe a uniform method for creating instructional objects (IOs) as ADL SCORM SCOs, applying the robust, proven SCORM standard. This will support extended reuse of SCOs. It supports file management systems. It supports content management systems (CMSs).
Dr. Tom’s Guide to Content Packaging
An introduction to the concepts in the IMS Content Packaging specification and a summary of the technical model. This document was originally written as a guide to IMS content packaging. As there are a lot of similarities with the SCORM packaging, it provides guidance for that specification, too.
Dr. Tom's Method of Multiples: A Case History of a Concrete Taxonomy Development. Multiple teams, multiple participants on each team, multiple independently tasked recorders create new knowledge. This paper presents the concepts and has a real case history of the development of a system of metadata and taxonomies. This method can be applied to many situations. Summary in several translations.
Dr. Tom’s Meta-data Guide
Dr. Tom’s Taxonomy Guide
Guía de las Taxonomies del Dr. Tom
Dr. Tom’s Classification Guide
Guía de Clasificación del Dr. Tom
Dr. Tom’s XML Guide
Guía del Dr. Tom sobre el XML
Dr. Tom’s Guide to Content Packaging
Dr. Tom’s Guide to a simple path to Meta-Data implementation
Dr. Tom’s Guide to XML-Schema
Dr. Tom’s Guide to IMS XML Extensions and Incorporations

Also look at the Glossary for explanations of some of the terminology.


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