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Thomas D. Wason, Ph.D.

Experimental Psychologist

Theoretical/Computational Neuroscience
Visiting Scientist, Meitzen Laboratory, Department of Biological Sciences
North Carolina State University

  • Current project: Coherent Apertures in the Central Nervous System: A Model of the Internal Experience. Front material and Chapter 1, pdf.
    • Summary: This monograph proposes a coherent apertures model of the generation of the internal experience. This is not a computer model; it is a model of biological processes acting on biological structures. Cortical areas— apertures—synchronously bind together, instantiating aspects of information, thereby creating the internal experience. A test of the model is proposed. 843 references. 219p. ISBN-13: 978-1548461577.
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  • Glossary: A glossary of terms related to metadata, taxonomies, and topics related to the Web.
  • Dr. Tom Guides: Guides to online content packages, metadata, taxonomies, and their implementation.

             Raleigh, NC USA

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